New Book: A Space Opera

I can’t call the new book, Swift & Co. a Science Fiction book.  There’s a little science and lots of fiction.  It fits in the subgenre, “Space Opera,” best.

The book is one that I imagined after I was first introduced to Christopher Vogler’s book, “The Writer’s Journey.”

That was more than five years ago.  I put Thomas Swift and Co. aside for some time, but when I picked it up again, I remembered how much I’d liked “Swifty” and his team. It took a while, but the events in this book just began to take me along with them.

Vogler’s book is drawn from a massive, scholarly study by Joseph Campbell, The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

Vogler takes the deep, difficult work of Campbell, and illustrates how, in popular literature and movies, the pattern of myth and literature follow recognizable patterns. He shows us how The Wizard of Oz, The Magnificent Seven, The Dirty Dozen and Star Wars are related in following a recognizable pattern.

I’ve tried to follow that pattern in Swift & Co. 

Thomas Swift is called to action.

He refuses the call.

Something happens to him that changes his mind

He builds a team.

The team is deployed and experiences combat.

They reach the innermost depths of their objective.

After serious combat, they prevail.

Peace follows.

I’m fortunate to have been introduced to Patti Roberts from Paradox Book Cover Designs.

Here’s her introduction to the book.  BTW, the book is being prepared for release in digital form soon.  Paperback will follow, then audio.




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