Audiobook Will Be Coming Soon

I’m pleased to announce that the audiobook for Swift & Co. will be in production soon. Carl Moore, who narrated the two V-Trooper soldier/vampire books, will be narrating the new book. He read the critical second chapter flawlessly in the ACX audition.
I expect that the audiobook will be available—through Audible, Amazon and the Apple App Store by the latter part of September.
P.S. There will likely be a few freebie audiobooks once it’s released.
I’ve become fond of audiobooks for several reasons. I wear hearing aids which are linked, via Bluetooth, to my iPad. I can drive or do household duties and listen to a book. Currently, I’m listening to Hemingway’s For whom The Bell Tolls. Just as a side note, it’s still a great book, but is showing its age in the use of the language. Still, the principal sweethearts, Robert Jordan and Maria, swear that they “…felt the Earth move.”

I hope to be able to share a sample of Carl Moore’s narration of Swift & Co. quite soon.


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